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amber store

architectural reform
Belo Horizonte, 2022

For the Ambar project - chocolate shopbean-to-bar, - we proposed to bring more minimalist and natural elements, shapes and colors, in order to refer to the organicity and origin of the cocoa process and treatment and thus integrate with the brand concept, as was the case with the earth floor.  The light colors of the environment  enhance the bonbons displayed on the showcase bench as if they were real jewels. 

With the available budget, the resource to run a store within the client's premises was to consider commercial coatings with ease and speed of execution and still have  sophistication in the final result. Thus, the walls and showcase bench received differentiated and more velvety finishes and the display shelf was considered to have a less conventional format, attracting the attention of those who pass by the sidewalk.

To gain space for displaying products, the layout was arranged lengthwise with a central aisle, so that the customer always accesses and gets to know the chocolates up close and with their own senses. The front of the store was freed from any object and thus allows complete visibility from the interior to the back, where it was used for coffee and backdrop.

On the façade, the color contrast of the sign is fundamental for its daytime indication and the punctual lighting for the night period. We took advantage of the existing glass door to expose the brand's history with manual art that, with the reflection of the sun, is transposed into the store in a unique way. 

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