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Installation  | Virada Cultural BH 

Produced and executed in 2019 for the 6th edition of Virada Cultural de Belo Horizonte, the installation BOLOLÔ was conceived from the spatial reading of a street in the city's hypercenter with the aim of inserting a playful and reference element during the event, which brought together more 300 thousand people in 24 hours of free public programming. 


Through the interpretation of an abandoned bus stop as a support and of traffic beacons as an element to be explored, the work allowed sensory experiences of leisure and socialization through the suspension of vinyl balls  - with the same colors as the spheres sent - in double nylon mesh that made it possible to play in a place previously empty of functionality. The installation was located between two music stages with a large flow of people and its aesthetics and strangeness transformed it into a meeting point. 


BOLOLÔ was the first work performed by us and represents the essence of our work by promoting multiple, unexpected and organic experiences that break with the everyday logic of space.

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