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The percussion drum is commonly associated with rituals and moments of joy. Tuned with the hopes of a new time, it is also a symbol that represents and promotes bondedness through its use. Therefore, the essence of being the materialization of a universal, ancestral and timeless language was the starting point of the design of Bumba.


The installation has the concept of a single instrument being played by several hands, leading to finding the rhythm and tune through sensory communication. Also, to reinforce the necessity of a horizontal dialogue, Bumba is set up as a circular plan contributing to a shared experience from every point in the installation.


Further, to potentialize the drumming, it was considered a half-spheric geometric structure that could be accessed in and out by the users. The structure will be a steel frame geodesic dome with dimensions of 5 meters in diameter and 3 meters in height. Thus, its shape and size allow the user to immerse in the central point of sound conversion.


In summary, Bumba is an exchange network and a cultural diversity installation. It invites the users to coexist since the experience has the potential to be shared by people from different cultures, ages, gender, special needs, and contrasting points of view. 

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