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Installation | Urban Art Territory

XOVE(proper noun): reduced expression in the Minas Gerais and popular accent of “deixa eu ver” 


Produced and executed in 2022 for the 4th edition of the Urban Art Territory in Vila Dias, located in Belo Horizonte, the artistic installation Xovêwas conceived from the analysis of the characteristics of the area available for its realization, an extensive stretch of subway wall that separates the neighborhood from the city. The wall imposes a limit, but it also brings the curiosity to know what is beyond and the intervention explores this condition through the optical principles of reflection. 

The installation consists of transforming and reusing PVC pipes in adapted periscopes: mirrors were attached  at 45º in the connection pieces between the inlet and outlet of the segment for the basic operation of total reflection of the image.Xovêincludes 5 periscopes with useful vision input arranged side by side along 10 meters in length, together with complementary segments for interaction with speech and listening. In addition, the spelling of the pipes installed on the wall allows for playful, varied and unforeseen uses that complete the intervention in the urban space.

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