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Installation | BH Cultural Turn

Produced and executed in 2022 for the 7th edition of Virada Cultural de Belo Horizonte, the Prisma installation took its place of installation as its starting point: the subway tunnel of the city's Central Station. Based on the reading of the place, the installation aimed to change the sensation caused by the long tunnel of 60 meters in length through a central element that broke the monotony of the space. 


Formed by 1400 meters of hanging ribbons combined with lighting that uses the principle of the RGB system, in which the intersection and union of primary colors generate other colors from the angle of exposure to each color, Prisma creates a point of convergence that transforms the route as the path to the object and its crossing create situations of socialization that did not exist before. Like the passage of light through optical prisms, the passage through the homonymous installation transforms the relationship between space and people.

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