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Installation | Verbo Gentileza Festival
Belo Horizonte, 2019

Produced and performed in 2019 for the Verbo Gentileza Festival in Belo Horizonte, the installation Câmbio aimed to establish new interpersonal connections through the interaction between object and users. Considering the principle that the relationships built and experienced by different people, especially in the public space, are fundamental for collective transformation,  Câmbio articulates the popular recreational scope of the cordless telephone with the possibilities of unusual encounters in this case.

The intervention consists of a set of segments of PVC pipes and follows the same contextual logic of the aforementioned game: a receiver on one side - the listener -, an emitter on the other - the speaker -  and a conductive medium of sound from the inlet port to the outlet port. In order to make the experience more complex and complete, a central tangle where the tubes are arranged in such a way as to make it difficult for the user to recognize the total path of a tube, provides  the accidental exchange with the unknown. In addition, the circular arrangement avoids the obviousness of pairs arranged on opposite sides, provides the sharing of the joint moment at any point and enables cross communication, in which more than two people communicate directly.

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