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Installation | Arts Territory

Centro-Speaker was a proposal for an audiovisual installation, developed especially for the 3rd Edition of the Território das Artes, which aimed to promote the space of Cine Theatro Brasil Vallourec through the approximation between street and cultural space. Through the displacement of sensitive elements of the dynamics of the center of Belo Horizonte into the cultural center, the installation invited the creation of identification relationships, the appropriation and the extension of the understanding of the equipment as a public space._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

In this sense, the street and the people who circulate in it become key elements of the proposal together with the development of research in/from/for the territory, where sounds and characters from the surroundings would be raised for the composition of the installation that, divided into two complementary moments, would be developed with aesthetics approaching everyday life and, especially, the advertising language of the city center. 


Center-speaker is everyday life in the cultural center, the distance from erudite language as a way of reconciling art, space and actors in the same scene, which houses an intangible and identity heritage of a democratic cut of the city.

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