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Lucas coverage

Architectural Renovation |
Count, 2021

One of the greatest satisfactions of this project was to maintain the original infrastructure, even with the possibility of modification and, still, result in a connected and spacious space based on the layout.

The colors, textures and materials were chosen based on a premise: a home with design and comfort. In the intimate area, we combine more neutral colors, wood and metalwork in light furniture, while on the terrace, to remind us of a backyard, we suggest a close-up of earthy ceramic tile with elements combined with the lightness present in the furniture and the translucent roof. The patio Lucas wanted.  


On the lower floor, the idea was to expand the kitchen and, through the skylights, bring more natural light to the combined living room and kitchen. The unit is also made by the continuity of the planes - floor, as the lower plane - and the design of the set of light fixtures in the colored ceiling, as the upper plane.


The staircase that connects the floors of the 120m2 duplex brings art and joviality. A sensorial portal that leads to the second floor: vibrant colors in the broom handles suspended from the ceiling and in the blue painted steps that go beyond the limit of the stairwell in the adjacent rooms.


On the upper floor, a generous space to receive friends. Visual/spatial barriers were located for the perimeter of the space. The laundry room goes unnoticed -  inside the box-type cabinet - camouflaged in the slab volume that protrudes towards the new polycarbonate cover -  great option for the weight, cost benefit and ventilation of the area.

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