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Biotechnology Synthesis

Architectural project
Belo Horizonte, 2022

As it is an environment whose main function is to house the work routine, we prioritize a clear, functional and humanized environment. For the architecture, we prioritized ventilation for most of the living spaces, combined with the layout distributed in small blocks of workstations around a main corridor.


Valued by the main target, we brought vegetation on the light white metalwork shelf present in the room units at the headquarters. Each one originated by the demand and layout of each space. Some furniture was reused and this became a premise of the project: the space had to work with that furniture. We eliminated the color detail present on the old table with a new coating to complement the existing one. 


To highlight the blue color, part of the Síntese brand's visual identity, the color details appeared in the mix of the floor layout and in the joint plans. While the orange tone present, even in the texture of the wood, is present to comfort the work environment.


The aesthetics that a company linked to health needs to have was combined with technological, dynamic, functional and sanitary criteria. The planned infrastructure that now appears in the corners of the rooms allows other changes to take place during the use of the space, without interfering with the functionality and spatial aesthetics. Resources possible and taken advantage of from the freedom allowed by the raised floor structure.

Project made in partnership with Sarmento and Melo Arquitetura

Âncora 1


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