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Installation | Occupy Your Call

Onditas was a proposal for urban furniture for Ocupa tu Calle (Lima, Peru) that aimed to activate the use of the street in a fast, indefinite, open and diverse way, which would provide the user with an urban living experience that would place him as a central character and attentive to the public dimension of everyday urban spaces. For this, a set of four modulations was designed that, when combined, form a furniture that stands out in the immediate landscape, for its aesthetics and contrast with the flat topography.

The way of organizing the pieces is free, each time it is assembled, new furniture with new forms of appropriation is defined. In order to meet the demands of time, distance and transport, allied to generic production, its manufacture is automated and entirely composed of naval type wooden plate. This condition allowed the furniture to be fully dismantled and transportable, as well as its assembly made without the need for technical or exclusive knowledge - making the process highly interactive from its assembly.

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