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Marcella Apartment

Lagoa Santa, 2021

Pure Brazilian!

From the product to the execution, the concept of Marcela's apartment was Brazilian and "do it yourself". As the apartment was rented and her stay there will not be for a long term, she had no intention of investing in infrastructure improvements.

The revamping of the apartment was due to the decoration full of color, the use of existing furniture, the mining of new furniture and functionality, so that functional object and decorative object became one. 

As Marcella receives many friends, the idea is to have seating possibilitiespop upso that they only appear when necessary, as is the case with the hammock and support stools.


For the walls with color, we suggest just one color since, considering the surface area, it would be enough to consider it. We kept the color and changed the format so that each space had a special treatment and did not become repetitive.

We abuse market and department items in order to cheapen, facilitate and expand the possibility of purchase. 

check outherehow the apartment was before the makeover.


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