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Apê Miguel

Sao Paulo, 2022

Miguel's project was done 100% remotely: sharing lots of photos, materials and ideas. With his new apartment, the objective was to change some of the coatings that were delivered by the construction company and keep everything else: without any further modification work. At the end of the process, a complete notebook was delivered with all the information necessary for execution, monitoring and guidance for Miguel to be able to play the work at his own pace.


His demand was an interior project for the social area and bathrooms, leaving aside the intimate area, at first. A way to reduce the cost of this step. 


In the 60m2 apartment, all space must be used. Natural light, light colors and light furniture always collaborate to expand the environment. We prioritized shades of gray throughout the apartment and concentrated the color only on the kitchen cabinet. With integrated rooms of similar importance, the environment was completely worked out.

On the balcony, a space intended for leisure and work, we proposed a retractable carpentry in which it serves as a workstation, buffet and shelter for the air conditioning condenser. All thought out and represented for this specific situation. 


The laundry room and pantry were incorporated into the blue closet, generating fewer breaks, more unity and a large background for the social area. In the bathrooms, the objective was to maintain and enhance the original coating through the contrast of black elements, including the countertop. 


check outherehow the apartment was before the makeover.



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