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Installation | Cultural turn SP
Sao Paulo, 2022

squatsit is an itinerant object of collective experience that is defined through the interaction between the public and the installation. From resting space to play space,squatsproposes the activation and temporary resignification of public space through the presence of green space and community participation.


In Virada Cultural, the object is configured as a small mobile park and promotes the perception and discussion about the aridity of urban spaces.


Composed of ten segments of pallet with a grass surface and castors, the object has a total length of 12 meters and is articulated by means of steel cables that allow different forms of installation.

The different possibilities encourage the participation and protagonism of the public who, by molding the object according to the need and will, make the installation experience complete.


Finally, the pallet base was chosen for its aesthetics common to the urban environment, load capacity, previous and modular structure,  affordable value and, mainly, for the ease of reuse and/or correct disposal.

Each segment, capable of supporting 400kg, consists of four casters, two stacked pallets with a total height of 28cm, a crate for fixing emerald grass and hooks screwed into the sides for installing a steel cable that articulates one segment to the other.

2 pallets (120x80x15cm)

4 casters

Crate made with MDF board

4 gram boards  (60x40cm)


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