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Cangas Why I Want You
2020 - 2022


Art: Laura Lao

Video production: PORTACOPO

Music: Barbatuques, Iconili, Vulfpeck

For use overseas,Cangas Why I Want Youwas born to break with the flow of thought and change the logic of city construction through the subjective experience in the public space, as it is the place where exchanges take place. We saw in the cangas, from their potential to easily accommodate, a practical, possible and tactical strategy to boost the experimentation of a new imaginary of the city.

I want to celebrate youandI want you to diveprint the sarongs and our utopian manifesto about the union of nature, space and the citizens who produce and live in that territory; where public policies are adequate to the minimum conditions necessary to survive and live.

Cangas Why I Want Youis the first line of products developed by us. Each one costs 107$ and can be purchased through our Instagram@portacopo.arq. Now, just choose one of the prints. Or both…

The sarongs are made of viscose, measure 135x100cm and printed with digital printing. Very perfect!


I want you to diveit illustrates an imaginary of city occupation based on the potential of a valley floor and its rivers, the desire for a BH with fewer railings, fewer cars, more free, open and permeable spaces; it is the representation of a desire and a need for the future in which socio-environmental development is the dominant model; it is a reaffirmation of the urgency of cultural and technical change regarding the importance of the resumption of water courses in the urban way of life.

Belo Horizonte was planned based on hygienist principles that, externalized through the urban design of the capital, disregarded the links between nature and the city when it established straight lines that did not respect the relief, the waters and the quality of life of those who inhabit the city. In the name of progress, food, the form of agricultural production, leisure, the purity of the air, the landscape and the other and infinite consequences that this integration provides in our daily lives were and still are subjugated by decisive urban policies.



The colors and brightness are getting stronger as February approaches. It's as if the glitter served as a scenographic composition for the magic that happens in the streets when the carnival is announced. For five days a year, a fantasy is lived, an ideal of the proper function of the streets: to carry/be a stage for the spontaneity of social production in space. The logic of the relationship between elements of the city and people is hierarchically reconfigured: the street belongs to the procession, the block and the cosmic dust of the props; of revelers - wanderers and disobedients. I wish this fantasy was eternal.

Street carnival is about being able to explore the city, it's about arriving softly and getting to know new alleys, viewpoints and communities. It is to be able to have a new experience in walking and to enable the exchange. I want to celebrate you is the celebration of this utopia conquered by faith in the party.

What's up? Shall we walk together and make the city? Order yours here.