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Cla and Nando's Duplex

Belo Horizonte, 2021

After a year living in the  newly purchased apartment, Clá and Fernando decided to redesign some environments. On the first floor of the duplex, a new layout was proposed for the bedroom and living room, without breaking the bank. On the terrace, where the couple spends most time, the changes were bigger and the entire space was remanufactured. 


Where there was no proposal for renovation, the design and colors of the environment were key to characterize the environments as light and current. The strategy for the room was to use and plan slender furniture with locksmiths, without giving up the comfort present in the upholstery and woody texture. The demand for more closets in the master bedroom resulted in a neutral white niche in order to balance the textures and volume of the existing wooden closet.


On the terrace, the entire space was contemplated and the change of position of the bathroom was essential for  the integration between the external area, TV room, kitchen and hall from a new opening to the external area that , together with the corridor  , connects and extends the environments. Whoever is in the room sees the external area and vice versa, a perfect space for celebrations.


Also as strategies for connecting spaces, it is worth mentioning the slats of the bathroom volume, which in addition to disguising the openings, creates a single plane in the center of the terrace.

check outherewhat the apartment was like before the renovation.


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