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Sophia duplex

Sao Paulo, 2021

After acquiring her new apartment, Sophia wanted to give that pale, impersonal space her face with a simple, quick makeover. No breakage, apart from changing the floor: perfect situation for therepage PORTACOPO.

In references, purchases and customer preferences, neutral colors predominated, light aesthetic environments with many natural elements that appeared in decoration items and coatings. 

The apartment remained predominantly white, so  we used woody textures in the details of the joinery and furniture. The kitchen, the least modified environment due to the excellent state of coatings, countertops and cabinets, was redesigned only with melamine over the existing cabinets.

On the first floor, the living room environment is the central connection space for other rooms and, therefore, the number of openings and circulation sections limited the possibility of a conventional layout. The solution adopted for a freer layout was made possible by a curved sofa.

Party spaces and rest take place on the upper floor. To separate the social area from the intimate, a woodworking panel was suggested, which originated curved by the extension of the spiral staircase and the necessary spacing, aesthetically integrating with the organicity of the other elements and furniture of the entire apartment.

In the lounge, furniture and compact equipment allow for more flexible use in case of dinner or a happy hour with more friends.

check outherehow the apartment was before the makeover.



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