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Lulu room

interior design
Belo Horizonte, 2022

A functional and timeless room for Luisa.

The last time Lulu's room received a makeover was in her early childhood, which no longer represented her  and her identity. He needed to renew himself and house his new interests, in a way that resulted in a space that could be transformed over time and from day to day.


There is the space to play, study and rest, so to make the room as spacious and versatile as possible, the furniture was concentrated on the perimeter of the room, creating a central free space.

As a differential and representation of Lulu's room, the proposal was a hammock installed above the bed that, together with the sliding door, creates a playful and dynamic environment in itself. 

The entire infrastructure of the room was maintained, so the colors and textures present on the floor, doors and cabinets were considered to make a room light and alive: all white walls, points of color in small elements and light woodwork.

The furniture is planned and intelligent joinery: the trunk is also a bedside table and the study table is also a hiding place. Both with wheels to be, in fact, mobile and thus give more freedom to use. Their sizes were planned to be coupled to each other, expanding the free space available.

check outherehow the room was before the renovation.

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